Some years ago the two 12ft. high,  traditional Balinese carvings of SRI SRI SITA RAMA stood facing each other with folded hands.  They rose above an outside foyer which I used as a meditation floor.  It was around this time when significant changes were occurring in my consciousness.  The deities led me to my guru.  An impression of my guru was first seen on a palm leaf which had flown onto my meditation floor. I later recognized his face in a magazine and went to an introductory seminar taught by him.

     I was not taught rituals, yet I began performing what I later learned to be called abhishekam, arati, and ritual fire offerings of oranges, apricots  and bananas.  I would meditate long hours night and day under their gaze.  I would often interrupt my meditation to look up into the sky expecting to find an illuminating moon or sun.  The light that I perceived beaming down from above my head was not found in the material sky.  It was during this time that the chakra above my head was opening.   I had experiences of clairaudience, mukti jyoti- the light of the liberated, and, I was blessed by Hanuman's darshan sitting before these deities.

    I was meditating in the daylight, with closed eyes.  I sensed a bright light above.  Expecting to the see the sun, I was surprised to see a sky-blue caped and gold helmeted human-like form flying high among the clouds.  While this UFO was passing overhead, it was attracted by what it saw below, and stopped in midair.  In an instant a large black ape was standing in front of me with open arms.

   This was a meditative experience, it mattered not whether my eyes were opened or closed, the vision remained.  Although I was kneeling, I saw my subtle body standing in front of me in the ape's embrace.  Tears of fraternal love welled in the ape's eyes and my heart overflowed with love.  I knew then that He was Hanuman.

    Hanuman is the 11th incarnation of Shiva who was born of a monkey in the tetra yuga.  Angana was a goddess cursed by the Guru of the Gods, Brisapati, to be born as a monkey for the benefit of mankind.  She accepted the curse in return for the boon to have Shiva born to her.  Shiva took form as  her son, Sri Hanuman, an omnipotent monkey.  This monkey god incarnation enabled Shiva to serve His Ishvara, Vishnu.  Vishnu incarnated as Rama in the tetra yuga as a a righteous man.  Rama was devoted to Shiva and worshiped Him as the Shiva Lingam.

    As Hanuman, Shiva served Rama by returning Sita to Rama, and, Vishnu was able to accept service of His Ishvara, Shiva.  Rama being a devotee of Shiva could never accept the service of Shiva. So Shiva disguised Himself, even from Vishnu, by taking birth in the form of a monkey. The Goddess Angana thus received her boon.  "Anganaye" meaning, "born of Angana" is an affectionate name for Hanuman used by His devotees.

    Hanuman is the hero of the story of Rama, the Ramayana.  The  Ramayana was written by the great saint Valmiki.  Valmiki was once a demon who would eat anyone who was unfortunate enough to pass by Valmiki in the forest.  One day a Brahman convinced Valmiki not to eat him and to repent by taking up the Holy name, "Rama."  Valmiki meditated repeating "Rama, Rama, Rama..."

    The repetition of the holy name caused the demon Valmiki to go through a metamorphoses.  While he sat in samdhi, he didn't notice becoming skin and bones, and, then the ants eating the flesh off of his bones. He was only aware of "Rama...Rama...Rama..."  Even when enclosed in an anthill the name of Rama survived and performed the miracle of transformation.  Valmiki emerged in human form.  He became a great saint and eventually wrote the Ramayana. 

   Having enjoyed these new experiences, rather than surrendering to my destiny and begin teaching meditation, I remained in my profession. As with others who were called to serve and delayed answering the call, it did not go well for me. While I was not swallowed by a whale as Jonah was, I was swallowed by material concerns.
     The residence where the SRI SRI SITA RAMA deities were installed and where SRI HANUMAN appeared was lost.  It was a perfect setting for the divine couple, off of a small park sized yard with fruit trees, situated in an upper middle class residential neighborhood on the peninsula in between San Diego Harbor and the ocean's beach.

     On this significant date, 11/11/11 between 1:11pm and 2:22pm, while I was in meditation at the most auspicious time to commune with the Goddess Lakshmi, it was revealed to me that this date being composed of the numerals one and eleven, was the beginning of the new age wherein the old things will become new.  The gods and goddesses of primordial time are returning to the earth plane.

    After the cycles of Satya, Tetra, Dwarka, and Kali complete, the time returns to Satya yuga when man walked with the Supreme in the Garden of Eden. Shiva and Parvati were on the earth plane.  Now just beginning to dawn is the age which, the Supreme will reveal Himself predominately as Shiva's Son, Muruga.  Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha, and Muruga will exert their force on earth.

    Therefore it is important to take help from His devotee, Vishnu incarnate, Rama, with Sita, and His devotee  Hanuman.  Lakshmi told me to take the name the siddhis use on Fridays for Rama as an empowered mantra to manifest miracles:  "SITA RAMA HANUMATAH... RAMA SITA HANUMATAH...SITA RAMA HANUMATAH... RAMA SITA HANUMATAH...SITA RAMA HANUMATAH... RAMA SITA HANUMATAH."

   I am passing on this mantra to everyone to help manifest miracles in their life.  Use this mantra to create your desires for a better personal life and world.  "SITA RAMA HANUMATAH... RAMA SITA HANUMATAH...SITA RAMA HANUMATAH... RAMA SITA HANUMATAH...SITA RAMA HANUMATAH... RAMA SITA HANUMATAH."

    The transformation of my life which started with my guru coming into my life began with the installation of the SITA RAMA deities.   I came upon them in a somewhat miraculous way.  I was invited into the house of an acquaintance.  Hanging on her walls were the torsos and heads of SRI SITA AND SRI RAMA.  She had told me the story of her past career as an importer.  She came across them in a Balinese garden.  It is unknown how long they had been there or how old they are.  She had enough american dollars to bribe the landowner to let her take them with her back to San Diego.

   When I walked into the room immediately my attention was about them, and I heard from an unseen ear, "Get me out of here!"  The deities were alive to me.  I bought them from my friend and installed them in a part of my property that seemed to be made for them.  The property had happened to be formerly owned by a disciple of SRI YOGANANDA.  I began lighting lamps and incense, and, meditating before them, became realized.

     I have surrendered to service.  Therefore, I am establishing a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to accept donations for the SAN DIEGO SRI SRI SITA RAMA TEMPLE to return the deities to their original setting as a permanent home and where the public may take their darshan.  While they are in exile, the temple projects are moving forward to serve aspiring humanity.  The call has gone out for donations to continue the free teachings to enable others to come to realization or enlightenment and manifest miracles in their lives, feeding hungry homeless persons, promoting policies toward affordable housing, to encourage alternative transportation to the automobile, and, the planting of fruit trees for food and carbon sequestration.

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