Wednesday, April 2, 2014



Guru is Creator God, Guru is Preserver God, and, Guru is Transformer God.

    One's attitude towards one's guru is the same as to the Supreme Being.

    The same is true stated in reverse:

    Creator God is Guru, Preserver God is Guru, and, Transformer God is Guru.

   One's attitude towards the Supreme is the same as to one's guru.

    Before one can have a relationship with the Guru, one's relationship with the Supreme must be solid.  Daily, some leisure must be found dedicated solely to seek and find the Supreme.  The seeking should not be stopped until there is the finding.  This a daily exercise.  Once one has some experience with the Presence of the Lord, then, if one would be benefited by a human guru, then the guru will come.

   To see the Supreme in another, one must first see the Supreme in oneself. This experience lets one know what the Supreme is like, so that when one sees the similar qualities in a man, or feels the presence of the Lord when one is in the presence of a particular man, the qualities of the vibration are recognized to be Divine.  Without a firm, solid base of finding God within yourself, in prayer, meditation, and, contemplation, a relationship with a guru may be dangerous as one must only accept the Divine from one and reject everything else.

   If there is not a knowing of the Divine first, then one may follow a false or unqualified guru, the blind leading the blind.

     I had a born again experience and was very involved in an Inner Life church wherein there were many saints.  My time with the Word was a real communion with the Lord because I did whatever it took, spent as much time that was needed to get to that state where the Bible became the Living Word. 

   It was my curiosity and the innate human tendency to think that the grass is greener on the other side which lead me to pray about reading other scriptures and finding a human guru.  I felt a strong confirmation from my sense of the Divine to go ahead.  Having thus a sense of the Divine, I was able to recognize it in some spiritual teachers, and also recognize it's absence in others.  Then even after accepting my guru the Supreme granted discernment, the ability to separate the Divine from the human in my guru, and thus only to receive the profitable, and disregard the unprofitable.

    In conclusion, one should take the Supreme as one's guru, and, when this Infallible Guru says, You may now have a human guru because now you know the true guru and thus cannot be deceived."

    Then the guru will come.