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   Most Christian denominations err by stopping at Salvation. Beyond Salvation is Transformation and Glorification. One must not stop at Faith. Faith leads to Experience. Experience leads to Daily Practice. Daily Practice ends in Enlightenment. While it is almost impossible to distinguish between Religious practices and Spiritual practices, the Supreme who sees the heart knows and blesses. A repeated practice of turning one's attention within weakens desires so that one may repose inwardly. Enlightenment does not come from philosophy or religion, but from an Avatar or one in the Avatar's lineage in an unbroken chain. If one is Enlightened, then one may guide another in meditation, if one is not Enlightened, then it is the blind leading the blind. The Savior of the Kali Yuga advocated taking up one's cross, and following Him to death of the Ego so that one may be born anew as Divine. Jesus was the Second Person of the Supreme Deity- the Holy Trinity, the Father Son, and Holy Spirit, or Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, yet, Jesus lived a life of Love, Devotion, and Surrender until death. Who is greater than Him? There are many self-proclaimed teachers that spread feel good "ego-fluff" with no discernible disciplined devotional practices. Practices and teachers that support one's ego bypassing Love, Devotion, and, Surrender to the Supreme but teach the "I AM THAT" realization hurt not help. The great Avatar Sri Ramakrishna did not dare use the formula, "I AM THAT," saying that as long as an ego remains, make the rascal a devotee. Before one may completely identify with one's Highest Self, one must accept a subordinate role through Love, Devotion, and, Surrender to the Supreme. When Uma asked for Enlightenment, Shiva told Her that in the Age of Kali, only devotion would help a man attain liberation,- Brahma Sutra You too can become Enlightened. Practice meditation upon the Supreme. Love all sentient beings. With the Special Grace of the Easter Season and the exalted Sun having past, one must use determination in one's daily practices to progress. Renew your aspiration and begin with new, easier spiritual practices that yield deeper experiences, higher realizations, and faster progress. Meditation's goal is Enlightenment. Meditation is the easiest and at the same time the hardest mental practice. Practice makes it easy. Set aside a hour for meditation. During that hour, only do practice. Day by day meditation will deepen. When a particular time is set aside, and distracting thoughts begin to arise, tell the mind, "Stop! Now is the time for meditation." The mind will take training in this way. Consider time when trying to meditate. Setting a regular time reserved for practice early in the morning and just upon awakening will yield the best results. As soon as one awakens, using Ganesha mantras will cause random thoughts to leave. The mind must be silenced so that it may be illumined by the light of the Soul which is received by the Heart. The proper practice of mantra meditation trains the mind to become quiet, quieter, and most quiet. Take help from time and place when quieting the mind. Locations have different vibrations; some are blessed, some are not. The space where meditation is to be practiced should be sanctified. Do not use that space for any other activity. If one tries to meditate where one usually watches television or where one eats, then the mind will be hankering for entertainment or taste sensation. If possible, dedicate a room for meditation. If not, then at least a corner of a room. One should place inspiring items in one's meditation space. Flowers, incense, a photo of one's guru or another realized soul, a saint, an inspired artwork depicting Jesus, Krishna, or, a Buddha head will help. The space should have items and artwork which call to mind the Divine that one may readily identify with. Energized Yantras may bring amazing results. If spiritual practice does not consistently yield to profound experiences, one may become discouraged. For consistently fruitful meditation, one should practice the mantra for the moment and be in harmony with the Time Shaktis. Without knowing of and working in accordance with the Time Shaktis, faith may diminish as disappointment arises and one may discontinue one's practice. Practice the suggested mantras provided through the Time Shakti Audio File program until Peace, Light, and Bliss are experienced. By working with the correct mantra with the correct technique at the proper time, one's spiritual practice is energized with the current vibration and immediate results are realized. The Time Shakti program is designed to teach the participants the Time Shaktis over a short period of time so one may benefit from this occult knowledge throughout all aspects of one's life. The daily practice awakens one's Kundalini and subdues the ego. Meditation cannot fail when practiced at the proper time set aside, at an inspiring place, according to the direction of a realized master. You too can become enlightened. Practice Love and Meditate. Take help from the archetypes. Incorporate the practice of offering Love, Devotion and, Surrender in your meditation. Always offer Gratitude upon closing the meditation. When Love, Devotion, Surrender, and Gratitude are appended to a mantra, the Deity's benevolent gaze is affixed upon the aspirant. Practice. I want everyone to become enlightened. I "jump start" some by meditating with them. They are thus encouraged in their daily practice. I meet with those who wish to practice meditation at various power spots that I have identified in San Diego, or at my resort-like home. Light transmissions which abide in the aura until accessed during meditation practice are also offered. The most ancient of traditions, the Tamil Siddhi, is that which I have been inspired by and attempt to teach to aspirants. Rooted in the Satya Yuga with Shiva as its source, it survived the deluges of the prior ages of Atlantis and Lemuria. It's influence has spread throughout the earth and is the source of the Vedic Culture, Taoism, astrology, the Greco-Roman Gods, and, alchemy. The Supreme, out of Compassion has manifested in innumerable forms on infinite planes. One should take help from the prominent forms that have manifested in this Solar System. The Time Shaktis take into account which form of the Supreme is prevalent at a particular time according to one's location on the planet. I use THE GOLDEN FLUTE as a textbook with varying participation levels of purchase with increasing benefits at the three offered levels. Friends enjoy email instruction, Benefactors an initial meditation personally or telephonically, Partners, 12 months of meditation practice (The Time Shakti Program is also included as well as planetary remedies for the planets of greatest influence for the friends, benefactors and partner levels). Many can remain in an aspiring attitude and enjoy a modicum of daily spiritual experience. Few can command the trance state or Samadhi. An adept mediator calls up the experience at will. Yoga is a science of consciousness which describes various states or Samadhis. Have you never heard of Kundalini? Samadhi? Read Autobiography of a Yogi by Pamahansa Yogananda. Sri Yogananda was such a great master, that when one would like to take his photo, he'd say wait until I'm in Samadhi, Seconds later he's say, "OK." When the yogi in Samadhi quiets his breath, the ordinary human breath stops, and the Holy Breath or Holy Spirit (breath/spirit-pneuma (Gk.)) begins. Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini yoga teaching was that the Kundalini would rise merely by breathing from the Muladhara or below the navel. Sri Siddhinath Yogiraj clapped his hands and thus enabled everyone in the room the art of breathing from below the navel. Sri Yogiraj encourages practice, practice, and practice, whether or not one is receiving experiences. He says, "Experiences are not the goal, Realization is." However, if spiritual practice inconsistently gives profound experiences, then discouragement arises. To have consistent experiences of Peace, Light, and Bliss, one may try practicing the mantra for the moment. The Time Shaktis show the mantra meditation to practice. Without knowing the Time Shaktis, faith may diminish as one's practice may not consistently allow one to enter Samadhi, The experiences described by those on large doses of LSD or DMT are very similar to what is experienced in Samadhi (deep meditation). If you are able to deeply meditate and enter Samadhi (without drugs) the Truth is evident. In some types of Samadhi the Heavenly Vision remains eyes open or closed, it does not matter. In Samadhi the Heart alternately expands to the Infinite Vast and contracts to the Infinite Small and finds the Supreme at both extremes. While Samadhi is called yogic sleep it is the true awakening. Even in Samadhi there are different levels, deep, deeper, and, deepest, high, higher, and, highest, One who goes into the highest does not return. The Yogi at the end of his journey enters Maha-Samadhi and never returns. The ego no longer remains. The yogi chooses the time of death and walks away from the body at will. This experience is much different from an ordinary death wherein the soul is painfully wrenched from the body. Few can command the trance state or Samadhi. It requires sincere daily practice. It is the Pearl of Great Price. Sell all to purchase it. By living fully in the world, it has become unbearably apparent that most have no idea what yoga meditation or Samadhi is. The fact that Samadhi is a foreign thing emphasizes the darkness of the Kali Yuga. Tantriks and Bhaktis go to the Highest Absolute, then take one step down to enjoy the Divine Romance. Contrary to the predominant western view, Tantra primarily is the timely mantra correctly recited resulting in Samadhi or trance, not exotic sexual acts. I began posting my initial personal experiences of Bhava-Samadhi. Enlightenment and Meditation: SYMPTOMS OF ENLIGHTENMENT.

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