THE REALITY OF MIRACLES Kindle and PDF versions available

     I am offering this small book to help relieve the suffering of many who feel the hopelessness of being stuck in material conditions that they do not desire. My guru has declared that the age of miracles has begun in the year 2003. He has promised that miracles may be an everyday experience.  I am verifying the truth of this promise. I have learned not to worry when seemly dire circumstances beyond my control arise because I know that I can invoke a miracle to take care of the problem.  This book offers some theory regarding the nature of the material world from a perspective of a siddhi aspirant. A miracle mantra is suggested that has been revealed to me in deep meditation. Practice of this mantra has been effective for me and to all that have taken to it. It is being offered at this time of transition from the present age of strife to the coming golden age.

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