Monday, November 18, 2013


       "Who is God?" is a question which once answered is the beginning of Heaven's Dream. The Answer flies in the Highest Height, the Infinite Expansion of the Self of All.
      "Who am I?" is a question which once answered is the end of Nature's Dance.  The Answer lies in the Deepest Depth, the Immanent Essence of the Self of All.

    The Supreme is both Transcendent and Imminent. Transcendence is above and beyond everything. Imminence is within and the essence of everything.  The Transcendence of the Supreme is represented by Hanuman's Power to become the Biggest. The Imminence of the Supreme is represented by Hanuman's Power to become the Smallest. Similarly, one expands one's awareness in meditation, and, contracts one's awareness in concentration.

   Swami Prabhupada perfectly taught that one is Qualitatively the same as Krishna, but not Quantitatively the same as Krishna.  Therefore Krishna has a Personal Nature as a Supreme Individual, and, as one of the many parts of a Corporate Man comprised of all souls of which the Brahmans are His Head, Kshetras His Arms, Vaisyas His stomach, and Sudras His Legs.

   The New Testament states that a Christian is a member of the body of Christ, and the Christ dwells within the heart of the Christian. Therefore Christ has a Personal Nature as a Supreme Individual who "sits at the right hand of God," and, as one of the many parts of a Corporate Man comprised of all Christians, whose Head is the Ascended and Transcendent Christ and the believers His Body.

    The Supreme's Trancendence is more than the conglomerate of Souls as the Self of All. The Supreme is also the Cause and Dissolution of the same.  As the Beginning, the Supreme is the Birth-less One, and as the End, the Supreme is the Deathless One.

    The Supreme is both formless and takes form. The Supreme is Impersonal, the formless absolute, yet, the Supreme is not diminished by becoming two, male and female, the many, and, all of us. The Supreme remains Transcendent as the Super Soul to the Individual Soul. The same in Quality, but not Quantity.

  In Divine Mind, opposites co-exist. Siva Baba said, In Divine Mind, "Yes" and "No" exist at the same time. One is God, and not- God at the same time. "You are God to the extent that you know God." Sri Yogiraj

  "As long as the ego remains make the rascal a servant of God." Sri Ramakrishna. He who in one body both Rama and Krishna abode would not dare use the formula, "I AM THAT I AM." or OM TAT SAT. Sri Ramakrishna ever remained a devotee.

  Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, a Siddhi of the "Who am I?" practice had the "I AM" realization by being surrendered to Sri Arunachalashwara Shiva, the mountain of Fire and Gems.  The "I AM" awareness is grace given to devotees of Shiva. Arunachala means: ARU- "Aru" is Grace Light.  "NA" is the Earth element. "CHA" implies the mind.  "LA" implies wealth. Therefore this Holy Hill is named "Grace Light as Earth, Mind, and Gems."

  Intellectual acceptance of Truth is not the same as the conscious experience of Truth in meditation in one's Buddhi .  It's the height of ego to claim oneself as being God without at the minimum mastering Samadhi first. I have encountered those who adhere to the truth, that who one is, is the "I am that I am."  However, one should not lose sight that that is the name of Moses's God, not Moses.

   Jesus having mastered Samadhi and subduing the ego is qualified to state this truth. One should take the Christ's help by putting their attention upon the Inner Christ. Samadhi alternates between devotion to the One Self of All and the by Grace, the experience of the same.

  "Fire is His head, the sun and moon His eyes, space His ears, the Vedas His speech, the wind His breath, the universe His heart. From His feet the Earth has originated. Verily, He is the inner Self of all beings.

       ''The God Śiva is all and in all, one without a second, the Supreme Being and only Absolute Reality. He is Pati, our Lord, immanent and transcendent. To create, preserve, destroy, conceal and reveal are His five powers. Aum.
       "A mystical ascetic, one hand in jnāna mudrā, which inspires devotion to the satguru, sits radiating effulgent blessings. He has realized the Self God, the timeless, causeless, formless Absolute Reality symbolized by the Śivaliṅga enshrined within him.

       "Paraśiva is God Śiva’s Unmanifest Reality or Absolute Being, distinguished from His other two perfections, which are manifest and of the nature of form. Paraśiva is the fullness of everything, the absence of nothing." (Atharva Veda, Mund.U. 2.1.4)

     Both the Impersonalists and the devotees of a Personal God are correct, but not to the exclusion of the other.  Only rigid fundamentalists insist that their view is the only correct view.  First the seeker says, "God is not this nor that." Lastly he says, "Chinmaya"-Bliss has become all of this.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Open Letter and Love and Peace to my Siddhi Aspirant Well-Wishers, Friends, Benefactors, and Meditation Partners


            Since I began teaching meditation per my Guru’s command to teach two hours per day in exchange for His Secret Yoga, my work has grown from tweeting, authoring books, email correspondence with sincere aspirants, leading rituals and meditations to individuals and small groups, distributing food to homeless, receiving, repairing and giving bicycles to those who wish to reduce their reliance upon their automobiles, identifying areas where climate is changing and finding individuals willing to plant fruit tree seedlings, and, advocating political change.  I am very happy that many have been so receptive to the Ancient Path to Enlightenment.  I receive frequent emails from many of my friends, who have purchased THE GOLDEN FLUTE and have entered email correspondence with me sharing their remarkable spiritual experiences, freedom from physical and emotional pain, connecting with a higher consciousness with increased perception, clarity, hope and peace, and, receiving help from the simple meditation provided to connect with one's own highest consciousness.

             I wish to encourage you to continue in your meditation practice, to those who have begun, and to those who have not, to begin now.  Please write me with your experiences and difficulties, so that I may share your joys and burdens.

             Free Time is too precious to be squandered exclusively on material enjoyments or relaxation.  Use a little time exclusively for self discovery.  Once the foundation is laid, and, a little progress is attained, the time that it takes to watch a movie or television show may be used to uplift and enlighten, and, to connect you to the Supreme in the many opulent and blazing forms of the Gods and Goddesses.

               I have received emails from my friends describing Gods and Goddesses appearing to them in dreams, meditation, and, after long hours of despair.  Money miracles and prosperity increases have also been shared with me.  One doesn’t meditate who has never felt bliss.  Most do not even know that bliss exists, or, that bliss may be accessed through meditation.

               For those seeking prosperity and miracles it is important to first clear your karma so that manifestation may take place.  When working with prosperity and miracle mantras, practice during the time that will be most effective.  Learn the Time Shaktis.        

        In this regard, one should always be engaged in the correct mantra for the moment. Take an hour out of every day to exclusively meditate.  This meditation should be done at an hour auspicious for it.  The best hours are Chandraya’s and Guruve’s hours or any hour between 3AM and 6AM provided that the mantra used corresponds to the ruling deity of the moment.  This may sound difficult, but it is not, a little effort will allow you to memorize the cycle of the time shaktis, and, going to will provide you with the phases of the moon, and the daily stars for your city.

          Learning the Time Shaktis along with karma removal activities are the most beneficial things you can do to have daily successful meditations, filled with peace, light and bliss, and power to change undesirable material circumstances.  For those who are waiting for a yet unattained result, the time spent not in meditation is more relevant to consider than the time spent in meditation.

          Enlightenment is constant meditation.  Constant meditation is Love Supreme.  Knowing the Time Shaktis fuels one’s meditation so that it may continue constantly because it is continually being empowered by the energy of the moment.

           Do not forget that  immediate help is available in the sound of the Holy Name of Shiva, ”Om Shivaya Namaha.”


                   Bhava jim