Friday, July 15, 2016


       Initiation is a turning point in one’s Spiritual Life. It is an introduction into a Spiritual or Occult Teaching, or, a meditative technique. When it is genuine, Initiation is a transfer of energy or Shakti from the Initiator to the Initiated.
     Offered is Initiation of the correct mantra, practiced at the proper time, with the most effective technique. When the technique also enlivens the chakras, it is the true nature of Tantra Yoga.
     This Ancient Path to Enlightenment is what I initiate aspirants into whether in person or via a personal Skype session. Once a connection is made, there may be contact beyond the bounds of Time and Space.
    Diksha fee is included in the purchase of The Golden Flute with participation  at Benefactor or Partner level. The Time Shaktis Program, email correspondence, and Planetary Remedies are also included.