Thursday, August 8, 2013


     The Supreme has entered all as the Inner-Light making the Illusion real and our actions significant. The Inner Light-the primary Vibration of Consciousness became miraculously and mercifully embodied for the redemption and realization of mankind.

      With the realization that matter is modified vibration whose root is light within Divine Mind one can utilize the principle of name and form to change one’s reality. The principle of name and form is that one cannot think of name without simultaneously thinking of form, and, vice versa, one cannot think of form without thinking of name.

     One should utilize this principle by understanding that while this principle exists in the material world of duality, it does not exist in Divine mind where all duality is resolved in unity. This is to be put into practice by meditation on sound mantra to its subtlest form where one enters Divine Mind the source of all phenomena.

      Subtlety just means soft or fine. In the proper practice of mantra, the practice of going from the gross to the subtle is easily accomplished by repeating the mantra from loud impressions to quiet, quieter, and quietest impressions. The mantra should be spoken to one’s self. Speaking a mantra out loud dispels its prana or energy.

     When one enters silence and the mantra is at the level subtler than a thought, modification of the material world is possible. At that point an emotionalized visualization in  the mind’s eye of the desired result should be practiced.  I have suggested the use of the mantra given to me by the Goddess of Fortune, the Consort of Vishnu, Lady Lakshmi. However, the invocation of other archetypes is also potent.

    Ganesha has been granted the power to answer prayers and He is the most accessible of the archetypes, as His realm is just beyond the material in the vital plane. The articles GANESHA THE ELEPHANT HEADED GOD, and, ADVANCED GANESHA MEDITATION-SIX STEPS TO SAMADHI will be very helpful. They are published in THE GOLDEN FLUTE.   The ADVANCED GANESHA MEDITATION-SIX STEPS TO SAMADHI in particular takes one from the gross to the subtle within the corresponding energy centers in one’s subtle body. They are called chakras or wheels as they rotate as the planets do when activated.

     I recommend the practices and teachings in THE GOLDEN FLUTE to totally transform one’s life. However for the singular purpose of temporary change of undesirable circumstances, a miracle may be gained. Try the miracle mantra suggested in this little book. Remember to bring it to its subtlest level, then visualize your desired result in your mind’s eye with all of your heart’s emotion.

    Return to your regular consciousness offering gratitude and peace with the words, “GRATITUDE...
GRATITUDE...GRATITUDE...SHANTI...SHANTI... SHANTI...”  Take all the necessary action to achieve your goal and then leave it up to the Supreme to accomplish. Do not entertain anxiety or worry whatsoever. If these negative forces arise then go back to the mantra.

      I have seen miracles in my daily life using this practice. I have seen miracles in those that I have shared this information with. Try in the arcane sense of the word and see the material world bend according to your strongest desires.

This and Six Other Articles are Available in THE REALITY OF MIRACLES

     I am offering this small book to help relieve the suffering of many who feel the hopelessness of being stuck in material conditions that they do not desire. My guru has declared that the age of miracles has begun in the year 2003. He has promised that miracles may be an everyday experience.  I am verifying the truth of this promise. I have learned not to worry when seemly dire circumstances beyond my control arise because I know that I can invoke a miracle to take care of the problem.  This book offers some theory regarding the nature of the material world from a perspective of a siddhi aspirant. A miracle mantra is suggested that has been revealed to me in deep meditation. Practice of this mantra has been effective for me and to all that have taken to it. It is being offered at this time of transition from the present age of strife to the coming golden age.

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