Friday, May 2, 2014


     Ganesha, who's appearance day has recently passed, has inspired me to reveal this advanced meditation of six progressive mantras. The advanced Ganesha meditation is a very powerful technique to raise the Kundalini so as to liberate the aspirant into Divine Mind. The advanced Ganesha Meditation is called Six Steps to Samadhi because it allows one to step from chakra to chakra to limitless consciousness.

  Contrary to the predominant western view, Tantra is timely mantra correctly recited resulting in Samadhi or
trance, not exotic sexual acts. The purpose of mantra
meditation is the fourth state of consciousness or awareness called Turya-where everywhere is Shangri-La or Shambhala. Mantra meditation leads one up the six- branched tree. At the treetop, the aspirant leaps soaring  into the spiritual sky exploring its breadth.

  Once one experiences transcendental consciousness, one sees everything else as mundane. Children are wrapped
in Grace, they find fun easily, look to their parents as God,
and, are basically self-content. There comes a time of transition, however, when the thrill of doing the simple things one did as a child loses its charm. An adolescent finds himself or herself somewhat confused looking for an identity which completes their self with the contentment that was felt as a child. Adulthood is a time when one
should mature their view of their own nature and existence. An adult must make an active search for the grace they were blessed with as an infant.

   Adi Ganesha experienced a traumatic infancy.   Parvati, His mother received Him as an infant with a  human head in answer to her prayer. One night while she prayed for a baby, She lit one hundred and eight candles and placed them in the streaming waters of Mother Ganges. Upon awakening In the morning Parvati was thrilled to see baby boy laying next to her in her bed.
   Excited and full of joy She called all the Gods to come and see Her child. Surya (the Sun), Chandra (the Moon),
Buddha (Mercury), Shukra (Venus), Mangala (Mars),
Guruve (Jupiter), and Shani (Saturn) accepted her invitation. All the Gods except Shani looked upon and blessed Adi Ganesha. Shani did not dare do so as being an Incarnation of Shiva and the Lord of Karma, He knew that everyone He looks upon He destroys.

   Parvati was offended by Shani's refusal and told Him to look at Her Adi Ganesha. Shani humbly obeyed the
Divine Mother. At Shani's gaze Adi Ganesha's human head was reduced to ash. Now Parvati was devastated and would not be comforted. Shiva commanded that the first head found pointing north should be brought to Him. Indra, the King of the Gods, was resting His elephant and the elephant's head was found facing north. Lord Shiva sliced it off with His trident and placed it upon the Baby's body. Lord Vishnu brought the baby back to life. He was then named Ganesha, the Elephant Headed God.

  Ganesha was loved by all. Mother Parvati gave Him colored inks and a pen and He became a scribe. When Ganesha heard Vyasadeva begin reciting the Purana Bhagavata or the Srimad Bhagavatam he broke off one of His tusks to use as a pen. Ganapatiya is the scribe of the ancient scripture that discusses the history of the earth and the Supreme's interaction with it.

  Ganesha the first son of the Divine Couple, Parvati and Shiva, is an interesting enigma. An innocent infant burned by the Lord of Karma and resurrected, bringing us the story of God becoming man as Lord Krishna to interact with mankind. I see some similarities here with Jesus, the Son of God, innocent, one without sin, suffering the punishment for sin, then resurrected and interacting with Humanity through the Word and the Holy Spirit. Both Ganesha and Jesus are intimately related to the good news of salvation and forgiveness for sin.

  The elephant head of Ganesha is symbolic of strength. Physical strength to knock down barriers as well as strength of mind. Ganesha's head can grasp desired objects virtually by thought alone with its quick responsive and dexterous trunk. The elephant headed god has a worldwide appeal and is worshiped in many different cultures.

   Ganesha is of the earth element and holds its power.  Moto Ganesha is a giant form of Ganesha which may be seen in many parts of the world as natural rock formations.  Ganesha usually is thought of as a very small god who rides on a mouse.  Adi Ganesha is Ganesha in His original form with a human head. Ganesha Ishwara is Ganesha seen as the Supreme Being.  Gananpati is Ganesha as the leader of the army of the gods.

   Now put His names up the six branched tree of the shushumna, the spiritual nerve of the spinal cord connecting the base with the third eye at the forehead.  At the treetop, leap, soaring into the spiritual sky exploring its breadth. 

   At the base chakra speak, "OM GUM MOTO GANESHAYA NAMAHA."  While this is vibrating imagine the power of the entire earth with its fiery core.

   At the navel chakra speak, "OM GUM GANESHAYA NAMAHA."  With this imagine all of the earth's power as previously visualized condensed into the tiny Ganesha the size of a marble in your navel.

   At the heart chakra speak, "OM GUM ADI GANESHAYA NAMAHA."  With this vibration picture the small boy with a human head beloved of His Mother Parvati.

   At the throat chakra speak, "OM GUM GANESHA ISHWARAYA NAMAHA."  Revere Ganesha as the the Supreme being here, at the chakra that transports one from the earth centers of the body into the heaven centers located in the head.

  At the third eye chakra speak, "OM GUM GANAPATIYA NAMAHA."  The Divine Leader of the intellect with Golden Helmet bedecked with lustrous jewels and holding a long hatchet and other weapons in a four armed form picture here.

   Above the head approximately twelve inches (12"s) is the subtle center of the soul's world.  With you attention located there chant the prayer, "GAY GAY GAY KROME KROME KROME WOOCHEESTA GANAPATATIYA HASTA PASA CHEE LICKHAY SWAHA."  These sounds invoke Ganesha knocking down barriers and bringing His Heaven down to Earth and Earth up to His Heaven.  Ganesha is forever a Bramhacharya, a celibate student, His Heaven consists of His parents, the Divine Couple, Parvati and Shiva eternally in loving embrace.

   This meditation practiced with determination and concentration allows one to step out of the ordinary limited ego into the limitless sky of Divine mind.  It enlivens the aspirant's Kundalini energy with the unstoppable Elephant Headed God which busts through all blockages of the Shakti bringing one's consciousness high, higher, and highest up the tree of life until at the treetop one is enabled to leap out into the spiritual sky of samadhi.  

  It should be used during the fourth and fourteenth phases of the moon, and at the beginning of each day, journey, and, new project.  

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