Wednesday, April 2, 2014



Guru is Creator God, Guru is Preserver God, and, Guru is Transformer God.

    One's attitude towards one's guru is the same as to the Supreme Being.

    The same is true stated in reverse:

    Creator God is Guru, Preserver God is Guru, and, Transformer God is Guru.

   One's attitude towards the Supreme is the same as to one's guru.

    Before one can have a relationship with the Guru, one's relationship with the Supreme must be solid.  Daily, some leisure must be found dedicated solely to seek and find the Supreme.  The seeking should not be stopped until there is the finding.  This a daily exercise.  Once one has some experience with the Presence of the Lord, then, if one would be benefited by a human guru, then the guru will come.

   To see the Supreme in another, one must first see the Supreme in oneself. This experience lets one know what the Supreme is like, so that when one sees the similar qualities in a man, or feels the presence of the Lord when one is in the presence of a particular man, the qualities of the vibration are recognized to be Divine.  Without a firm, solid base of finding God within yourself, in prayer, meditation, and, contemplation, a relationship with a guru may be dangerous as one must only accept the Divine from one and reject everything else.

   If there is not a knowing of the Divine first, then one may follow a false or unqualified guru, the blind leading the blind.

     I had a born again experience and was very involved in an Inner Life church wherein there were many saints.  My time with the Word was a real communion with the Lord because I did whatever it took, spent as much time that was needed to get to that state where the Bible became the Living Word. 

   It was my curiosity and the innate human tendency to think that the grass is greener on the other side which lead me to pray about reading other scriptures and finding a human guru.  I felt a strong confirmation from my sense of the Divine to go ahead.  Having thus a sense of the Divine, I was able to recognize it in some spiritual teachers, and also recognize it's absence in others.  Then even after accepting my guru the Supreme granted discernment, the ability to separate the Divine from the human in my guru, and thus only to receive the profitable, and disregard the unprofitable.

    In conclusion, one should take the Supreme as one's guru, and, when this Infallible Guru says, You may now have a human guru because now you know the true guru and thus cannot be deceived."

    Then the guru will come.


Friday, February 7, 2014


    Winter is a time of contraction.  The trees withdrawal their life, some mammals hibernate, and for mankind, the mind becomes forgetful of the Divine. Thus a New Session of the Teachings of the Ancient Path to Enlightenment is being offered. This is an introduction to the Core Practices.
    The purpose of the core practices is to enable one to  enter into one’s highest consciousness daily .  Everyone has had the experience of the numinous. A temporary experience of happiness and freedom, total contentment, full of knowledge and full of bliss. The Supreme can only hide Itself so well. One’s conscious mind cannot fully suppress the Divine Mind. It always bubbles up giving mankind a hope and purpose.
    A Yogi is one who by practicing Yoga can enter into that state at will.  The Ancient Path to Enlightenment is the original Yoga arising in the Satya Yuga when the Supreme and the Gods and Goddesses “walked” among men. There was no separation between Heaven and Earth.
   This is the yoga which will allow one to enter Enlightenment daily, according to one’s own capacity and to maintain that state as long as one can, and, to quickly reenter that state throughout the day. It is an experiential path not a religious path, and the experience deepens daily.
   It is an exercise to control one’s own mind, so that one’s ordinary mind with its waking state, submits or bows to one’s Divine Mind which transcends and embodies all of the three ordinary states of consciousness, waking, dreaming, and dreamless sleep.  As in the waking state, there is awareness, as in the dreaming state, a panorama of light and sound appears, as in dreamless sleep, it is thoughtless.
   In this dark time it is especially important to take control of one’s mind upon awakening.  The easiest way to stop the mind from wandering off into forgetfulness of the Supreme, which may last entire days, weeks, and more is to set it upon mantra.  

  There are two Ganesha Meditations in The Golden Flute.  Ganesha will assure success by removing obstacles.  He will remove blockages along the Sushumni, the central channel or nerve which connects the with in one’s subtle bodies Core of the Earth with the Center of the Universe .

   Ganesha was ordered by His Father Shiva out of compassion for mankind to remain at all Holy Places.  One’s heart is a Holy Place.

   Ganesha is associated with memory.  He will help us find a misplaced object, and, most importantly remind us of the Supreme. Ganesha is also very easy to remember.  He comes to mind effortlessly.

   Awaken  your Inner Divinity with Love.

        Always repeat the mantra, no matter what you are doing. Eventually take a seat and with closed eyes enter deeply into concentrated and consecrated space, all thoughts silent but for the steady subtle drone of the sound of the mantra, not really a sound as it is only heard in your thoughts. Soft, softer, softest. Offer Love, Devotion, and Surrender to the mantra. repeat the words, “Love,” “Devotion,” and, “Surrender” at the end of each stanza of the mantra.  First, “Love,” for one repetition, then, “Devotion.” Next “Surrender.” Then “Love, Devotion, Surrender” for three repetitions. Lastly “Gratitude” for three repetitions.
       Many are suffering from oppression. It is not all because of karma. everyone is the victim of psychic attacks. It may be in the form of jealousy, lust, or, ridicule. It may be from lovers and admirers that always has their beloved in mind.  It is somewhat unconscious as the people generating these emotions do not intend to do harm, it is just the result of habitual uncontrolled thinking, and automatic judging. Therefore, everyone needs to protect their own Buddha Field.

        As with all of the practices, one should not stop the concentration until the desired result is achieved.

         Make these core practices a habit and life will become magical. Enlightenment will dawn. Once your highest consciousness is reached, maintain it as long as you can.  Then recall it if you notice that you are no longer mindful by returning to the mantra.  Practice during the winter time especially as a regular practice is needed at this time more than ever, otherwise the negative and hostile forces being very strong may prevail in putting one into ignorance right from the start of the day.  The mind will begin thinking in an uncontrolled manner.

       “If you don’t control the mind, then the mind will control you!” Brother Jon (@firehouseinc) 

Detailed Introduction to the Core Practices included in e-book:

                                           FINDING ENLIGHTENMENT LIVING FULLY IN THE WORLD


New e- Book, pdf,  108 pages, 29 articles:                                                                                     

     Since I began teaching meditation per my Guru’s command to teach two hours per day in exchange for His Secret Yoga, my work has grown from tweeting, authoring books, email correspondence with sincere aspirants, leading rituals and meditations to individuals and small groups, distributing food to homeless, receiving, repairing and giving bicycles to those who wish to reduce their reliance upon their automobiles, identifying areas where climate is changing and finding individuals willing to plant fruit tree seedlings, and, advocating political change.  I am very happy that many have been so receptive to the Ancient Path to Enlightenment.  I receive frequent emails from many of my friends, who have purchased THE GOLDEN FLUTE and have entered email correspondence with me sharing their remarkable spiritual experiences, freedom from physical and emotional pain, connecting with a higher consciousness with increased perception, clarity, hope and peace, and, receiving help from the simple meditation provided to connect with my highest consciousness.
       I wish to encourage you to continue in your meditation practice, to those who have, begun, and to those who have not, to begin now.  Please write me with your experiences and difficulties, so that I may share your joys and burdens.
     Free Time is too precious to be squandered exclusively on material enjoyments or relaxation.  Use a little time exclusively for self discovery.  Once the foundation is laid, and, a little progress is attained, the time that it takes to watch a movie or television show may be used to uplift and enlighten, and, to connect you to the Supreme in the many opulent and blazing forms of the Gods and Goddesses.
       I have received emails from my friends describing Gods and Goddess appearing to them in dreams, meditation, and, after long hours of despair.  Money miracles and prosperity increases have also been shared with me.  One doesn’t meditate because bliss has never been felt.  Most do not even know that bliss exists, or, that bliss may be accessed through meditation. 

      For those seeking prosperity and miracles it is important to first clear your karma so that manifestation may take place.  When working with prosperity and miracle mantras, practice during the time that will be most effective.  Learn the Time Shaktis.       
       In this regard, one should always be engaged in the correct mantra for the moment. Take an hour out of every day to exclusively meditate.  This meditation should be done at an hour auspicious for it.  The best hours are Chandraya’s and Guruve’s hours or any hour between 3AM and 6AM provided that the mantra used corresponds to the ruling deity of the moment.  This may sound difficult, but it is not, a little effort will allow you to memorize the cycle of the time shaktis, and, going to will provide you with the phases of the moon, and the daily stars for your city.
         Learning the Time Shaktis along with karma removal activities are the most beneficial things you can do to have daily successful meditations, filled with peace, light and bliss, and power to change undesirable material circumstances.  For those who are waiting for a yet unattained result, the time spent not in meditation is more relevant to consider than the time spent in meditation.
          Enlightenment is constant meditation.  Constant meditation is Love Supreme.  Knowing the Time Shaktis fuels one’s meditation so that it may continue constantly because it is continually being empowered by the energy of the moment.

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