Yogis and siddhis from time immemorial have taught this ancient path to enlightenment.  The Great God Shiva the King of the Yogis is its source.  It is Yoga.  The eternally young Babaji the Christ of the East, and, Jesus Christ the savior of the current epoch are among the Divine Ones in this lineage.  Access to the to the Holy Ones of the Highest Hierarchy is opened once enlightenment is attained,

     Enlightenment is most easily gained by invoking the archetypes that exist in the eternal and Universal Mind. The Universal Mind upholds the manifest universe. Our own subconscious mind has access to the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind is revealed in our awakened subconscious mind.  In our experience the Universal Mind and our awakened subconscious mind are one and the same.

     The Supreme has become the Archetypes which are known as the Gods and Goddesses, Angels and Powers, that have existed in ancient scriptures and myths of humanity from time immemorial.  The Archetypes remain in humanity's collective subconscious mind and the Universal Divine Mind.  The keys that unlock the universal consciousness similarly unlock limited consciousness.  The keys are letters, syllables, words, and sentences.

     The archetypes are aspects of the universal consciousness whom are released from the darkness of the subconscious by combinations of letters, syllables, words, and sentences. Invocation of the archetypes comes by the correct combination of letters, syllables, words, and sentences, or "mantras."  The mantras must be used at the correct time and with the correct technique.  By invoking the archetypes that live in the eternal and universal mind, enlightenment in one's innermost consciousness, and, external manifestations in the material world occur.

      In our physical universe we are located in the Milky Way Galaxy and more particularly, our Solar System.  Our connection to the All or to the universe must start here,  The sun and moon are not only celestial bodies, they are conscious personalities.  The sun and the moon are the two most important powers, gods or archetypes in relation to our planet earth.  The sun and moon regulate time on earth.  The primary energy and matter of all the planets of our solar system came from the sun.  The moon is matter and energy in  the earth orbit which solidified as a satellite of the earth.  

   The nine planets of vedic astrology are aspects of the Divine Mind.  The planets have deities that rule over them.  The planets and their overlords offer significant help to us through their vibrations when properly invoked by their mantras at the times of their rule.   The Divine Mind changes its vibration or energies from moment to moment.  This is called the Time Shaktis.

    Mantras are used to stimulate the energy centers or chakras of the subtle body,  The Grace of the Supreme can be invoked from below at the chakra to the planet and through the planet to its overlord. This is the proper principle of hierarchy.  When the chakras are awake and active the fire from the core of the earth and the light from the center of the universe meet in the crown center and  Enlightenment dawns.

 The great yogis and siddhis of the hoary past mapped the celestial bodies without the aid of modern technology.   Thousands of years before western empirical civilization accepted that the earth revolved around the sun it was documented in the scriptures or shastras of the yogis.  Vedic astrology charts the Divine Mind.  Vibrations change first in the Universal Mind,  then the celestial bodies follow.

      The ancient path to enlightenment takes into consideration the time shaktis which are the energies of the moment or the "color" of the Divine mind, the ruling planet, its overlord, and, the chakras in the subtle body to be stimulated,  By working with the correct mantra with the correct technique at the proper time, the spiritual practice is energized with immediate results.  Experience is only be limited by capacity. Increase the capacity to take in the earth's fire and universal light daily.

     The mantras must be a meditation. not a mechanical repetition.  Yoga is scientific.  The results can be duplicated.  The same process yields same results for experimenters. Sacred sounds yield divine consciousness.    I am offering intensive workshops wherein the meditations are practiced, the path is solidified, simple rituals are shared,  and, empowering transmissions are given. A copy of THE GOLDEN FLUTE is included in the fee.   I am also offering meditation and spiritual guidance via telephone or Skype.

    Personal meetings or telephone/video contact is most conducive to sharing mantra.  The correct pronunciation of the mantra and other instructions as to its practice are most effectively transferred in this manner.   

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By Bhava Jim



        This is a guide to enlightenment. It reveals techniques that have been taught from time immemorial to connect one to the primal life energy that enlivens the earth, plants, animals, man, and the universe.  The universe is alive and conscious.  The planets themselves are but the shadow of the great beings, which influence our lives and organize time through their orbits around the sun.
        It is an introduction to the Ancient Path of Enlightenment, the path that utilizes mantra to invoke the ancient archetypes that exist in the collective unconscious from time immemorial.  It is an experiential path.  It contains the proper practice of potent sound meditations or mantra meditations and the time they are to be practiced to the day and hour.  By using the correct mantra at the correct time the energy of the cosmic Gods are properly invoked.  They thus reveal themselves in the consciousness of the meditater as shining beings.  
       The word “Deva” is the word often translated as a Hindu God.  Its literal translation is “shining being.” In my experience the Devas are the Inner Light.  As meditation is entered first comes formless light, then the light takes form, divine human form.  
       Jesus has said that we are the Light.  Again, that we are one with Him, who in turn is one with the Father.  God is Light.  The experience of light in meditation is what I deem to be enlightenment.  With the light comes a great peace, love, and bliss.
        One must come to one’s own understanding regarding the nature of God. My understanding which is suggested in this book is that God, which in the tradition of my Guru Sri Chinmoy, I call “the Supreme,” is One, who became two, male and female, and then became the many.
         Therefore, I suggest that the Supreme is one absolute formless consciousness which has taken on the role of male and female to know itself, then became the myriad Gods and Goddesses, powers, planets, and souls. In this view the Supreme became all of us, and, there should be no sense of separateness from the Supreme and us.    
         It is only the deluding power of maya, the isolating power of ego, and, the limiting power of karma which prevents one from realizing one’s true nature as the Supreme playing a human role.  It is but the Lila or play of the Supreme being acted out for the entertainment of all.  
         While the Lila may be designated as a dream, it is a real dream, as the Supreme come as our souls has made it real, and, thus making our actions significant as our consciences confirm them to be.  
        The journey up along the path of enlightenment is part of the Lila.  It is the plot of the play.  It is the goal of all of our lives and we will all reach it, no matter how many lives it takes us.  The Supreme is thrilled when we reach the Goal, as it is in fact the Supreme coming to know Himself, which is the purpose of creation.

 Meditation Instruction available with purchase of THE GOLDEN FLUTE at Friends, Benefactors, and, Partners participation levels:

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