Saturday, November 26, 2011


  As the times of the day offer different opportunities, so the times of the year. The time of Holidays are the equivalent to the hour of Brahma.  The hour of Brahma is between 3AM and 4AM. Nature is asleep, When there are less nature forces active in the cosmic mind, it is easier to still our individual mind and focus it upon the Indwelling Spirit.  Therefore this time is the best time for prayer and meditation.  It is recommended to meditate from 3AM to 6AM throughout the year, especially for beginners as nature is at rest, and so are the demons of desire and aggression.

   With a focused and undisturbed mind, our communication with the Supreme is enhanced.   The Supreme clearly hears our prayers, and, we are able to "listen" to the Supreme's soundless sound.  Sri Chinmoy said, "When I pray God listens, when I meditate I listen to God."

     We are now approaching the holiest time of the year-Christmas, which is just after the winter solstice. Our prayers will be answered.   Christmas week is equivalent to the hour of Brahma lasting throughout the days and nights. Nature is sleeping and so our minds are less distracted.  We will be able to enjoy the abounding peace and goodwill.

     During the holiday season it is also recommended to meditate throughout the day as nature goes into its resting period with less hostility.  On the day of the Winter solstice the sun descends deepest into the southern hemisphere, planting the saving seed of the coming year's Christ Consciousness.  The Ancients associated the sun with Jehovah and the Christ. The vernal equinox marking the start of spring is when the Christ Consciousness resurrects and is seen as the bloom of nature-Easter time.

   The association of Jehovah and the Christ with the sun was discouraged by the Illuminati who wished to hide truths from the clergy.  This political arm of the church caused the prior open truths to become occult knowledge.  "Occult" means hidden.

     Meditation leads to enlightenment, which sheds light on the hidden or "occult" things. New senses of seeing, hearing, and feeling are developed.  Those with occult vision see the infant Christ Consciousness in the physical sun developing around the first of the year as a newborn child.  During this time my mediation is, OM LORD JESUS CHRIST NAMAHA...OM LORD CHRIST JESUS HAMANA.."  this is an opportunity to work with a mantra daily for extended days.  You will be able to see the change from the old passing sun into the newborn Christ.  

"For nothing is hidden, that will not be revealed; nor anything secret, that will not be known and come to light." Luke 18:17 (World English Bible)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


When there is glorious Light behind closed eyes, there is enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the normal state of human beings which in the past had only been attained by a few-   the Saviors of mankind and their saints.  The Great ones taught that Enlightenment is available to everyone through prayer and meditation.  Sri Chinmoy said, "The Christ prayed, the Buddha prayed, so why don't you pray?"

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      This is a guide to enlightenment. It reveals techniques that have been taught from time immemorial to connect one to the primal life energy that enlivens the earth, plants, animals, man, and the universe.  The universe is alive and conscious.  The planets themselves are but the shadow of the great beings, which influence our lives and organize time through their orbits around the sun.
        It is an introduction to the Ancient Path of Enlightenment, the path that utilizes mantra to invoke the ancient archetypes that exist in the collective unconscious from time immemorial.  It is an experiential path.  It contains the proper practice of potent sound meditations or mantra meditations and the time they are to be practiced to the day and hour.  By using the correct mantra at the correct time the energy of the cosmic Gods are properly invoked.  They thus reveal themselves in the consciousness of the meditater as shining beings.  
       The word “Deva” is the word often translated as a Hindu God.  Its literal translation is “shining being.” In my experience the Devas are the Inner Light.  As meditation is entered first comes formless light, then the light takes form, divine human form.  
       Jesus has said that we are the Light.  Again, that we are one with Him, who in turn is one with the Father.  God is Light.  The experience of light in meditation is what I deem to be enlightenment.  With the light comes a great peace, love, and bliss.
        One must come to one’s own understanding regarding the nature of God. My understanding which is suggested in this book is that God, which in the tradition of my Guru Sri Chinmoy, I call “the Supreme,” is One, who became two, male and female, and then became the many.
         Therefore, I suggest that the Supreme is one absolute formless consciousness which has taken on the role of male and female to know itself, then became the myriad Gods and Goddesses, powers, planets, and souls. In this view the Supreme became all of us, and, there should be no sense of separateness from the Supreme and us.    
         It is only the deluding power of maya, the isolating power of ego, and, the limiting power of karma which prevents one from realizing one’s true nature as the Supreme playing a human role.  It is but the Lila or play of the Supreme being acted out for the entertainment of all.  
         While the Lila may be designated as a dream, it is a real dream, as the Supreme come as our souls has made it real, and, thus making our actions significant as our consciences confirm them to be.  
        The journey up along the path of enlightenment is part of the Lila.  It is the plot of the play.  It is the goal of all of our lives and we will all reach it, no matter how many lives it takes us.  The Supreme is thrilled when we reach the Goal, as it is in fact the Supreme coming to know Himself, which is the purpose of creation.   

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Saturday, April 16, 2011


      One of the myths concerning the birth of Ganesha, the elephant headed God is as follows:

     Ganesha was created by Parvati, the wife of Shiva.  He is thought of as the son of both Shiva and Parvati.  He is the first son of the Divine Couple.  He was created from the earth element gathered from Parvati's body and molded into a small boy, and filled with the Breath of Life by Parvati.  This is the original form of Ganesh with a human head, the head of a small boy.  His name is "ADI GANESHA."

     Parvati set the small boy as a guard in front of her bathing place to stop anyone from entering.  One day as she was bathing, Maheshvara Himself came seeking Parvati.  The young boy said, "Halt, none are to pass.  Lady Parvati is bathing."

     Shiva amazed at the little guard's impudence, to attempt to stop the owner of Kailash from seeing his own wife, removed the boy's head with one throw of his trident.  Parvati seeing what happened was overcome with grief at the death of her son.  Shiva sent everyone in his kingdom to seek the boy's head.  It was nowhere to be found.

     Just then a Asura with a man's body and an elephant's head approached.  Shiva immediately cut of the demon's elephant head and placed it upon the young boy's body.  Vishnu reanimated the boy.  Shiva accepted him as his own son and he was loved by all.  His name became GANESHA, the elephant headed God. He was granted the boon of answering prayers.

    The elephant God also became the leader of the Gods.   He is the first approached of all the gods.  The God that is closest and most easily accessible to those of the material plane.  He still plays the role of the guard at the gate to the divine world.  Through His grace one can gain entrance into the subtle worlds.  His name as leader of the Gods is GANAPATI.

     GANESHA resides in the center at the base of the spine.  "YA" is a suffice added to a deity's name which means Consciousness.  So it is a means of invoking the mind or consciousness of the god.  GANESHA is of  the muladhara.  He is of the earth element.  When invoked by the mantra OM GANESHAYA NAMAHA, He will slowly rise to the navel center.  Chant the mantra OM GANESHAYA NAMAHA as if you are speaking to the navel center, "OM GANESHAYA NAMAHA ...OM GANESHAYA NAMAHA ...OM GANESHAYA NAMAHA..."

     ADI GANESHA should be installed in the heart.  Chant the mantra "OM ADI GANESHAYA NAMAHA in the heart as if you are speaking to the heart center, "OM ADI GANESHAYA NAMAHA ...OM ADI GANESHAYA NAMAHA...OM ADI GANESHAYA NAMAHA."

     GANAPATI should be installed in the mind center at the third eye.  Chant the mantra OM GANAPATIYA NAMAHA as if you are speaking to the mind center, "OM GANAPATIYA NAMAHA ...OM GANAPATIYA NAMAHA ...OM GANAPATIYA NAMAHA."

     In the soul center, above you head approximately twelve inches, chant the mantra, "GAY GAY GAY KROME KROME KROME..."  "GAY" is short for GANESHA.  "KROME should be chanted forcefully.  It is a sound that breaks down the barriers which prevent the flow of prana rising from the earth center as well as the barriers that prevent the Divine Mind from flowing down into the subtle body.
     This exercise will release blockages that stop the flow of intelligence.  It should be done the first thing in the morning and whenever you are beginning a project or undertaking a journey.  Ganesha is a great siddhi and holds the keys to bring heaven to earth and the strength to lift earth to heaven.  He will make Himself real to you when you think about Him.  These mantras are an easy way to remember Him and to focus  His energies where they will release flows of energy in your subtle body to uplift your consciousness and bring down heaven's power to manifest material goals in your life.