Everyone wants to be prosperous, and that is great; poverty is suffering. No one should have to live without food to eat, or a place to live.  Some are blessed with prosperity and others are cursed with poverty because of the results of their actions in this life or previous lives or "karma."
   Karma can be said to be a law or principle of human life imposed by the Supreme. However, as with the laws imposed upon citizens by their Governments whereby punishment for violation of the law requires a trial and a judge who may consider mitigating and aggravating factors, so does the law of karma has Lords of Karma which consider such factors when an individual's karma unfolds
   Shani, whose celestial body is the planet Saturn is one of the Lords of Karma.  Shani sets limits.  One should learn how to propitiate Shani to lessen the harshness of his lessons.   Shani's numerical yantra are the nine numbers- eight (8) through fifteen (15) arranged in a grid of three (3) columns and three (3) rows wherein the rows, columns, and, the diagonals each add up to the sum thirty-three (33).  Interestingly that is the number of years Jesus Christ was limited to on earth.   
    Shani is said to be an old limping man because it is the slowest of the planets in its orbit around the sun.  Being kind to an old man during Shani's times of influence is very effective in lessening the effects of one's bad karma.  Especially on the 11th waning moon, and Saturdays, it is very propitious to Shani to be charitable to an old handicapped man by handing him a fast food burger, or other sandwich.  
    This is something that has to be experienced to be believed. Intuitively a loss will be viewed as something that was minimized by Shani's intervention.  Rationally examining an event that should have resulted in a major loss will rather inexplicably become a small sacrifice.  Continual practice of karma removal meditations, rituals and propitiation will result in Shani leaving pearls rather than hard lessons.
  The 11th waning moon, Shani rules. Shani or Saturn is the most powerful planet as to exertion of influence on our lives. The 11th waning moon is auspicious to SHANI and is an opportunity to propitiate Him to receive occult knowledge rather than retribution. Burn sage, be charitable to old men who have trouble walking, and wear black to appease SHANICHARAYA an incarnation of SHIVA whose celestial form is planet Saturn. 
   Generally the Supreme and the Gods and Goddesses only appear in our meditation or dreams, but, there are exceptional instances.  The Bible confirms exceptional appearances of the Divine. It states,that unawares we have gave hospitality to angels. Shani has appeared. Swamiji Sivananda records instances of Shanicharaya coming to some as an old man. Those that welcomed Him were blessed with strings of pearls.  I have had an experience which makes me question whether or not I was visited by Shanicharaya or my Gurus in different form. You decide.  
    One Saturday I was preoccupied with picking my son up from the hospital. He had just been discharged and we were going to have lunch before returning home.  At the entrance of the restaurant an apparent homeless man asked me for spare change.  Initially, I did not want to be bothered.  Remembering that it was Saturday, an auspicious day to feed crows, servants, and old crippled men, I took out some change and handed to him.  He laughed at the change, and, apparently having seen my Rudrakasha beads, he jovially said, "A Buddhist, huh? Give me some Buddhism. What have you?"
   I observed a barefoot black man with a graying head of dreadlocks, dressed in old looking but clean black clothes with a "Guru-Bright" smile.  Taken back by his shining presence, I answered, "No a Shivite...Om Namasivaya." 
    He shook his head and said, "No... AA OO MA" 
    "AA OO MA?" 
   I remembered that my Guru had taught me that this was the correct way to pronounce Omkara but I did not consistently practice it.   Now I do, thanks to this mysterious stranger.  Practicing "AA OO MA OM" in place of "OM" has made an enormous difference in my experience. I still question who that "homeless man" was.
   I tried to find him in that neighborhood again to no avail. I remember him having a smile only seen on my gurus CHINMOY, SIVA BABA, and YOGIRAJ.   It is not beyond a Master to project other bodies while he remains sitting in trance. Sri Yogananda has documented it. Sri Chinmoy confessed to it.  I have considered the possibility that it was Shanicharaya Himself. The peril of wisdom He left me was priceless. "AA OO MA OM NAMASIVAYA."
   All of the nine (9)  planets of Vedic astrology unfold one's karma in the different aspects of one's life.  The aspirant therefore should vibrate in harmony with them at the times of their rule by reciting their mantras or names.   For their blessings, establish relationships with them.  Their nature will be revealed.
   The overlords of the planets may also interfere with one's destiny in positive ways.  Shiva is a very compassionate aspect of the Supreme, besides transforming our nature from human to Divine, Shiva, during Pradosham, drinks the poison of our karma.
    Vishnu is the preserver, protector, and, wealth giving aspect of the Supreme.  During Vishnupati  and the 11th waxing moon, as well as other times, His personality is predominant.  When in tune with Him, feeding a famished person will bring Vishnu's blessings.
     Vishnu blesses His devotees with material wealth.  His blessings come not by trying to make a fortune, but rather by helping the less fortunate.  The greatest blessing comes by feeding a famished person.  My meditation partners and I have had sublime spiritual experiences when feeding the famished.  It is a joyful thing to overcome one's inhibitions and approach the dirtiest, darkest, and downtrodden of men, to ask if he is hungry, and, if he positively responds, to hand him a "deli," burger, or, chicken, sandwich, or, vegetarian dishes. The  I am often surprised by the gentle voice and bright eyes of the meanest looking individuals when approached in this manner. 
     I encourage everyone to take up this practice as I was encouraged to do by my guru Siva Baba.  I have not only received immediate joy performing the act itself, but, I have also received money miracles.    It is best to personally perform charitable acts.  If it is impossible for one to do so, then money should be given to those who will do so on one's behalf.  A few dollars for a deli sandwich or even a dollar for a burger or a chicken sandwich from fast food joints can make someone's day if given with joy.