Friday, July 15, 2016


       Initiation is a turning point in one’s Spiritual Life. It is an introduction into a Spiritual Path, Occult Teaching, or, a meditative technique. When it is genuine, Initiation it is a transfer of energy or Shakti from the Initiator to the Initiated.
       I was initiated by the great guru Sri Chinmoy in 1978.  After one of his concerts, two large devotees one on each side, grasping my upper arms, escorted me into a private room where Sri Chinmoy was.  One foot or two feet apart He looked into my eyes. The moment a thought came to me, "What am I doing here?"
     The two who stood by my side resumed their grip and ushered me out. I was forever changed. Sri Chinmoy put one of His Inner Beings, of which He has millions, into me.
      Although Sri Chinmoy has passed, He still powerfully operates on the Earth plane. If there is a Sri Chinmoy Centre in your area, you would do well visiting it.  His path is the path of the Heart's silence. A connection with Him is imperative for this path.
      The Initiation that I offer is of the correct mantra, practiced at the proper time, with the most effective technique. When the technique also enlivens the chakras, this is the true nature of Tantra Yoga.
     This Ancient Path to Enlightenment is what I initiate aspirants into whether in person or via a personal Skype session. Once a connection is made, there may be contact beyond the bounds of Time and Space.
    Diksha fee includes The Golden Flute,. The Time Shaktis Program, email correspondence, and Planetary Remedies.

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