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    Many tritely say that their body is a temple.  Often this phrase is used in the context of diet and exercise. There is much ignorance surrounding this truth.

    Not everyone’s ramblings should be accepted as truth, but should be weighed against the scriptures.  This being the Kali Yuga, or the age of Ignorance, which began upon the first murder of Abel by his brother Cain, the Old Testament Hebrew Temple will be examined as God manifested a Presence there.  The New Testament will also be examined as it is there where the new temple is said to be the human body. 

   The Bible is the record of God’s sojourn upon the Earth from the Garden of Eden, to the Tabernacle, to the Hebrew Temple, to the human body and, finally to the New Jerusalem.  In the Garden of Eden, man walked with God.  At the beginning of the Bible, Man was man, and, God was God. In Revelation, God and Man are one inseparable Being manifested as a new temple, the New Jerusalem. 

     When Adam and Eve were cast from the Garden of Eden, God placed a Flaming Sword to prevent their return.  Adam and Eve then had two sons, Cain, a farmer and Able, a sheepherder.  Both Cain and Able wanted to please God and offered the fruits of their labor to God.  Cain offered grains, vegetables, and, fruits, and, Able offered a lamb.

     Fire from Heaven devoured the lamb, but did not touch the vegetarian offering.  This is another indicator of the terrible age of Kali wherein God requires a blood sacrifice.  In previous Yugas this would defile an offering.  Furthermore, in previous Yugas the eating of flesh was forbidden, in the Age of Kali, meat eating is recommended due to the dull nature and short lifespan of present man. 

    Animal sacrifice was instituted as a ritual to appease God.  The death of the animals was a substitute for the death required as a penalty for the congregation’s sins. Animals were slaughtered by the sword. Portions were fed to the fire, or, cooked, then given to the congregation for food. There were so many sacrifices there was a continual sweet savor rising up to Heaven before the Tabernacle, or tent, wherein was placed sacred articles, chief among them the Arc of the Covenant where the Mercy Seat was. Thus the sacrifice, a proxy for the members of the congregation, passed through the Flaming Sword into God’s Presence.

    After the blood of the sacrifice was sprinkled upon the Mercy Seat by the High Priest, the Glory of God would fill the Tabernacle as a Testament to His Presence.  This was a Ritual continuously performed so that in the day a pillar of smoke was seen, and, at night a pillar of fire.  It was very festive like an ongoing Barbeque, with thousands of cattle, sheep, doves or pre-chickens slaughtered, cooked, and, eaten by the congregation.

   The Holy Tabernacle was the home to the Arc of the Covenant and the Presence of God until a Temple made of Stone was built in a similar pattern as the Tabernacle but meant to be a “permanent” home. The Tabernacle and Temple had three parts: the Outer Court, the Holy Place, and the Holy of Holies.

   However, God did not remain satisfied as a Racial or Tribal God in a building built with stone and animal sacrifice.  The eternal God was incarnated as a baby born of a virgin, to sacrifice Himself as a lamb, once and for all. 

    It is a tenant of Christianity that Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God shed His Blood for the sins of the World.  The New Testament of the Lord Jesus Christ reveals that God came and fulfilled every Old Testament type and prophesy as a sinless man who took the punishment, which is death, for the sin of the World. 

   The Holy Law imposed by a Just and Holy God could never be nullified. The Injustice of a sinless man suffering the punishment of sin mandated that the sinful no longer suffer that punishment but have everlasting life through the proxy of Lord Jesus’ death.

   The Earthly Temple was dismantled shortly after the Lord Jesus’ death and resurrection, ceasing animal sacrifice.  However, there was, is, and always will be a Heavenly Temple wherein the Lord Christ Jesus, as the High Priest of the Order of Melchisadec offers His blood sacrifice on behalf of the entire creation in the Heavenly Holy of Holies..

   This Heavenly or subtle temple follows the pattern of the Earthly Temple under the principle of, “As below, so it is above.”  So does Man.

  Jesus referred to His Body as a temple.  The first time the expression of the “temple of the body” appears in the Bible is in the Gospels of the New Testament.  Jesus declared, “Destroy this Temple, and in three days, I will raise it up again…speaking of the temple of His body.”  

   God no longer dwells in a temple of stone, rather He is to be found within Man.  As the Old Testament Temple had an Outer Court with Alter and Incense Burner the New Testament Man has an outward body whose animal nature, body mind, or, ego, is to be bound, severed by the Sword that cuts asunder spirit from flesh, and burned in the Fiery Furnace that purifies and transforms by burning the dross from the gold;  Aspiration to evolve expressed by prayer which rises up to Heaven and pleases God as incense smoke.

    The Old Testament Temple had a Holy Place with shew bread, and, a candlestick holder hidden within.  The New Testament Man has a Vital Body which sustains and vitalizes, and, a Mental Body which illuminates subtly within.

    The Old Testament Temple had a Holy of Holies with the Arc of the Covenant containing the Ten Commandments, Manna, Aaron’s Rod that blossomed hidden within it.  The New Testament Man has a heart inscribed by the moral code (conscience), a Human Spirit or Soul which enlivens the entire being, the Shushumna (within the spinal cord) or blossoming rod flooded with Supernal Light and Life.

    At the time of Christ’s death on the cross, the curtain separating the Holy of Holies and the Holy Place was torn from top to bottom.  Henceforth the Glory of the Presence of God need no longer be hidden from the limited light of the Mind of Man, but fill and illuminate the entire Being. 

   Having this knowledge from a young age, I made it my quest to commune with the Supreme within the Holy of Holies of the temple of my body.  As an Initiate my experience of the Presence of God was somewhat “hit or miss.”  Some days I would have “mountain top experiences,” other days, nothing.  I practiced long hours meditating upon the Word.  Eventually I learned how to peer within, deep, deeper, and deepest to behold the Lord as if looking in a mirror, which transforms one into His image from Glory to Glory, which is the Promise of Glory.  

   The Spiritual Life is a life of transformation first of consciousness, heart, mind, vital energy and lastly the body. The transformation takes place by repeatedly and continually entering the Holy of Holies within one's
self where the Glory of God dwells.  Therefore the body is a temple of this Glory of which one's soul is the medium.

   Now at this very moment the Glory of God dwells within one’s subtlest dimension.  The fact that Man is a Multidimensional being is revealed by the three rooms of the tabernacle and the Temple.  These are not ordinary rooms but dimensions of reality or Universes from gross to subtle, subtler, and subtlest.

  Love, Devotion, and Surrender open the inner dimensions of one's being from the outer court, to the Holy Place, and finally to the Holy of Holies. Being a temple of the Living God is a very wonderful way to live.

  The final Manifestation of God upon Earth revealed in the Bible is the New Jerusalem. It is the post-Apocalyptic Church. God and Man have become one, and, Man have become one with each other.  It is a Temple not of stone, but of the saints, built up together with Christ as the Foundation and the Capstone. 

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