Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sri Chitraguptas’s Moon

      This Full Moon falling on the Chitra Star is Sri Chitraguptas’s Moon.  Born of Lord Brahma’s mind (Chitra) and holding one’s secrets (Gupta), He is the younger brother of Sri Yama the Lord of Death.  Sri Chitrgupta was created to assist Sri Yama determine whether the soul of one at the time of death is to go to Heaven or Hell.

      Sri Chitragupta writes a record of everyone’s deeds which comprise the Akashic Records.  When it was apparent that Sri Yama mistakenly on occasion sent some souls to Heaven that should have gone to Hell, and some to Hell that should have gone to Heaven, Sri Yama replied, “How am I expected to keep track of all of the deeds of the eighty four (84) forms of people in the three worlds?”

      Sri Shiva thence instructed Lord Brahma through the Sun to create Sri Chitragupta to keep an accounting of one’s life for Sri Yama to use to accomplish the task of escorting souls out of one world to another based upon whether they have earned merit or demerit.

       At this time of renewal, it does one well to reflect upon one’s deeds of the previous year so as to determine what deeds one may do in this Vedic Astrological New Year to counter one’s inauspicious acts of the past. One becomes prosperous who thinks upon Sri Chitragupta in this manner during this Full Moon.

       Jesus’s sacrifice brings us back into the Divine Mind, or eternal salvation, it does not void the law that Jesus Himself enunciated that one reaps what one sows.  To reap good fortune, then sow seeds of kindness and generosity.

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